Custom Portraiture - An investment in the present, for your future.

Hello! Thank you for your interest in scheduling a portrait session with me! 

I am a dreamer, an artist, and a perfectionist. I don't just take pictures, I pour my entire soul into creating custom art pieces! 

There are many things we invest our hard earned money in. Designer handbags and shoes, fancy coffees and dinner out, the latest iPhone, the list goes on. And believe me, I love all of these things too! However, will these things become family heirlooms that get passed on to the next generation? Do we put these items on display in our homes and feel immense joy and love when we walk past them? There really is nothing quite like the feeling of looking through an album and reminiscing about those beautiful moments with your family, or glancing up at your mantle and practically hearing your children's laughter through their smiling faces. Your images belong on your walls and in beautiful albums on your coffee table. They don't belong on a disc in a desk drawer.  


I believe that custom portrait photography is one of the most important investments you can make for your family! Your session with Sierra Pearl Photography is unique and tailored to your vision. I artistically edit every image, and each finished art piece is crafted using museum-quality products and archival inks. Your portraits will look exactly the same when your young child is sharing them with their own family 40 years from now. 

Sierra Pearl Photography is a custom full-service photographer. When you book your session with Sierra Pearl Photography we will discuss your vision for your images in either a phone consultation or in-person consultation. Your custom portrait session will be 60-90 minutes long in one of my favorite beautiful locations. Within two weeks of your session we will have an in-person viewing appointment in my home studio where you will be presented with your images and we will discuss the most ideal way to display your custom artwork in your home! I offer a variety of luxury wall art pieces, premium quality albums, and archival digital images. Wall art starts at $350 and Custom Collections start at $1350


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