Success! My Word of The Year!

2018 was an absolutely wonderful year! I grew so much as a photographer and as a business owner. I met so many incredible people, built new friendships both personally and within the photography community, and I was blessed to photograph so many beautiful children and families!

Last year on January 1st I chose a word to focus on, rather than a whole laundry list of resolutions I was unlikely to stick to. My word was Patience. Being a mother to three small children while running a business from home means that patience is often hard to come by. But by focusing on that word all throughout the year I was able to slow down, be patient, and appreciate things so much more! I will of course continue to try to be patient, but I have a new word for 2019.


This year I have set several big goals for myself! Personal goals, business goals, and health goals. This year I want to teach and help other photographers grow, I want to give my clients the absolute BEST portrait experience they've ever had, I want to crush this whole work-from-home-mom thing, I want to balance my time wisely so that I can succeed in business and also be the best mother and wife that I can be. I want to be SUCCESSFUL at all of these things! And I will be! This year I am choosing to be confident in my ability to do that things I am setting my mind to. I will succeed! It will take hard work and a positive attitude, maybe even at times I'm feeling less than positive, but it will happen!

Do you have a word for 2019? If so, please share it with me!

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